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What We Do

At Relentless Sports Performance, we are committed to the ongoing growth of our athletes, both in and out of the gym. Powered by a team of experienced coaches, our individualized training programs hold our athletes to a higher standard. With sincere passion and day-to-day accountability, RSP's personalized approach transforms our athletes' dreams into reality.


What sets us apart? We deliver real results. Over 100 of our athletes have played at the collegiate and professional level. Our immeasurable dedication to our athletes and their journeys is second to none. 


This is where it all begins. Before designing a training program, RSP conducts a thorough assessment of each individual athlete. This assessment contains a functional range analysis to understand mobility, specific performance tests, and a thorough body composition analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding and generate a personalized plan. This process sets the foundation for RSP's training approach, allowing the program to be specifically tailored to every athlete's unique needs.

Sports Performance

From middle school to high school to college student athletes, we develop a comprehensive program tailored to each athlete's needs and personal goals. Once an athlete becomes part of the RSP family, our dedicated coaches are personally invested in their journey, from daily check-ins to one-on-one sessions to help them reach the next level.  

Personal Training

We aren't just a place to make you sweat. At RSP, our foundation is rooted in a comprehensive approach. We listen to your goals, review your history, and clearly communicate our plan to get you where you want to go. Whether you live near or far, our programs can be customized for both in-person and remote training, accountability, and coaching.

Group Fitness

At RSP, we believe everyone is an athlete, regardless of age, fitness level or sport. Our group fitness classes allow our athletes to add variety to their personal training schedules, while building a sense of community with other members of the RSP family.

What We Do

Our Commitment

Whether you’re preparing for your next game or working toward a fitness milestone, RSP elevates the training experience to help you reach your personal goals. With individualized training programs and experienced coaches, RSP’s dedicated team is committed to propelling our athletes to become the best at what they do. 


Alex Sexton 

Baseball Player, 

Queens University

"I started training with Jimmy Myers at 12 years old with no experience in the weight room. As a smaller middle school kid I wanted to get bigger, faster, and stronger. Since then I have built a great foundation and have become incredibly strong. Throughout high school I went from deadlifting 250 pounds to over 500 pounds. I went from a 7.8 60yd dash to a 6.7! Most importantly I have a better understanding of lifting techniques so I am able to train safely. Being able to lift correctly and knowing why has separated me from the pack at every level I have played. I have gone from being the smallest and slowest on the team to the biggest and fastest. This gym has made me stronger and instilled values that I take with me anywhere I go. Never settle for mediocre and get better everyday!"


Jackie Simpson 

Pro Soccer Player, 

UDG Tenerife, Spain Primera Division  

"I can’t recommend RSP enough. I have been playing soccer professionally for 5 years and I started working with Jimmy a little over a year ago. I decided to come back from Europe to play in the States and they chose a more “athletic” center back. I was obviously crushed and wasn’t sure if I wanted to play soccer anymore. I decided to give Jimmy a shot since I had never really done much 1-on-1 training - literally the best thing I could have done for my game. Jimmy helped me refine small details and helped me level up. I feel faster, stronger, more mobile, and all around a better athlete. I decided to head back to Europe and I am playing in the Women's First Division in Spain. Couldn’t be happier!"


Nick Ficarrotta

Baseball Player, University of Florida

“Throughout the two years working out with Jimmy, I was transformed. I was hitting balls farther, running faster, throwing harder, and just overall moving better. I improved my game in every way possible. My fastball went from 68 to 72, then from 72 to 76, and by the end of using their programs, I was throwing 86 to 90. However, what I learned beyond the squats and medicine ball throws was far more valuable. RSP taught me the drive, competitiveness, and self-determination a true athlete needs to get where they want to be, in not only their athletic careers, but in life overall. If someone would have walked up to me freshman year and told me where I would be now, 6’4”, 175 pounds, pitching for the best college baseball team in the country, I would think that they are going crazy. RSP not only changed my baseball career, but my entire life.”


Cristian Sieman 

Baseball Player, University of Tampa

"The summer before freshman year of high school I started training with Jimmy Myers and continued training with him every summer for the next 6 years. After being plagued with a multitude of injuries throughout my high school career, I realized the importance of fitness for my mental and physical well-being, both in terms of baseball and life in general. I moved on to play at my dream school, The University of Tampa, becoming the first JV player in 4 years to be called up to finish my college career playing for Varsity. My achievements were in large part due to the hard work, expert guidance and unconditional support I received from Jimmy and his staff. I cannot thank them enough for the impact they made on me and am certain they will continue to make an impact on many promising athletes to come!"

Our Commitment

Our mission is to inspire athletes to believe that all goals are achievable through a comprehensive approach, a never-give-up mindset, and a relentless attitude.

Jimmy Myers, Founder

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